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Is raw meat harmful to dogs?


 Is raw meat harmful to dogs? A very frequently asked question about feeding dogs and you certainly want to offer your faithful friend a healthy and balanced diet, and also to enjoy those delicious flavors that he loves so much.

Is raw meat harmful to dogs?

What happens if you feed meat to a dog? The truth is, there is no clear answer as to whether or not raw meat is good for dogs. Long ago, croquettes weren't manufactured , so dogs had to hunt or fed mostly raw meat or leftovers from people. Some argue that raw meat is the best way to serve this food to your dog, while others say the opposite and that it is best served cooked. This happens because the two options have a series of advantages and disadvantages, as follows.

Raw meat:  As an advantage, it contains many nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins , and probiotics that dogs need, as it is part of its natural diet, and it is an essential food in it. On the other hand, this food can contain parasites and transmit diseases to your dog, if it is not evaluated by health authorities, such as meat that we buy to eat ourselves.
Cooked meat:  eliminates the possibility of transmission of parasites or diseases, but when cooked, you lose a large part of the enzymes and nutrients that it provides to your dog. This means that the benefits of raw meat for dogs are diminished.
Currently, the Raw Meat Diet for Dogs or the BARF Diet for Dogs  , based on the administration of fresh, unprocessed foods, including raw meat, is becoming more popular.

The proportion of meat in the dog's diet

Although the dog should not only eat meat, the truth is that it should be the most present food in his diet. The dog has a small stomach, so the portions should not be large and should be repeated two to three times a day.

In a dog's diet, the proportion of meat should be about 75% of the total ration, and contrary to popular belief, viscera are not good because they are generally drunk. For example, all medication given to a cow is metabolized in its liver, causing a buildup of residue that is of no use to the dog.

What is best for dogs raw or cooked meat?

The truth is that if you want to make sure that the meat is free of parasites, it is better to grill it a little, that is, it is rare, so it will lose less properties than if it was cooked completely. Raw meat would be the best choice, as it contains all the nutrients your dog needs, but it is not always safe. If you are buying meat suitable for human consumption, there is no risk of parasites if it is refrigerated and well handled throughout the process and you can feed it raw, but if it is bushmeat, you must take it to a licensed vet. For review or it should be fully cooked to feed the dog.

What raw meat can I give my dog?

Quality commercial dog food , such as those from the veterinary range, do indeed have a higher meat content, but your dog will obviously enjoy it more if the meat is softer and more flavourful, as croquettes are softer and flavourier than dry food and are less appealing. for them ; In short, it's not what they eat in the wild.
You must bear in mind that it is not at all advisable to give entrails to a dog, as they are highly contaminated, because there are toxins and other rejects that the body has to process in order to be expelled.
So what meat can be given to a dog? The best option if you want to include raw meat in your dog's diet is to offer lean meat, preferably goat, cow or sheep, although if your dog is small, choose to offer poultry meat, such as chicken and rabbit meat.

What is the best amount of raw meat for dogs?

Knowing the percentage of meat in your dog's food  is very important if you intend to prepare food for him, rather than feed him. In the ration that is given to the dog, it should be 75% of the total amount of this meat. Although dogs should eat other foods in addition to meat, it is clear that the majority will always choose this food because of the pleasant taste it has, since the nutrients are essential for their health.

It is better not to offer the dog raw meat in large quantities and not more than two portions a day, but if it is offered sometimes even better, because otherwise it can get used to eating only meat and it will be rejected by the feed. You can also use it as a prize or reward . If you choose to feed your dog natural, homemade food, talk to your vet to modify a healthy diet for your dog so that he does not lack nutrients.

How do I feed my dog ​​raw meat?

If you want to offer raw meat to your dog, first of all, it is best to be aware of its quality and origin and also make sure that it does not contain any kind of pathogen.

The best option is for the meat to be fresh, although you can also opt for frozen meat, which is also usually cheaper. If you choose frozen raw meat for both, keep in mind that you must thaw it at room temperature, and do not put it in the microwave or oven, otherwise it will lose its nutritional properties.

Raw meat and vegetables recipe for dogs

  • Wash well and cut, for example, a few cucumbers or zucchini, carrots and chop the meat of your choice.
  • Another option is to prepare white rice without salt with  carrot pieces  and raw meat. The meat does not have to be ground or cut into very small pieces, remember that dogs' teeth are predisposed to this.
  • You can also give him raw meat with  eggs  and some vegetables such as zucchini , pumpkin, carrots…
  • Although they generally love vegetables, don't be surprised if your dog eats meat and not vegetables, because sometimes, if they're not used to it because they're dogs, they don't usually accept it and sometimes even refuse meat. 
Raw meat is good for a dog if you know how to handle it first. Otherwise, you will endanger their safety. Many dogs love it. They become more active and stronger when they have been on a raw meat diet for a while.

Tips: Is raw meat bad for dogs?

• Always give your dog fresh, good quality meat

If you decide to serve raw meat to your dog, make sure it is fresh and of good quality. The flesh begins to shrivel after a few days, which leads to a rapid increase in the number of bacteria. 

• Defrost meat safely 

To properly thaw raw meat, put it in the refrigerator the night before. The low temperature and slow thawing prevent bad bacteria from multiplying. You can also put the meat you want to defrost in the microwave, where it gets hot enough to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

• Preparing meat in a healthy environment

Bacteria grow rapidly in an unsanitary environment. Be sure to clean the surface on which you prepare the meat regularly. Did you finish preparing it? Store it in a closed container, away from the rest of your food.

• Always store raw meat fresh or frozen

You will need a functional refrigerator that will always maintain a low temperature for the meat (between 3 and 4 degrees Celsius) to ensure prolonged freshness. Tip: Keep raw meat near the freezer, where the temperature is coldest.

Does freezing kill bacteria?

Freezing meat causes bacteria to hibernate instead of killing them. It remains inactive as long as the meat is frozen, but it wakes up once the meat is thawed. Then the bacteria start multiplying again. 

Does cooking kill bacteria?

The best way to kill bacteria and germs is to cook meat completely. Whether it's fried, roasted, grilled, or steamed, bacteria won't stand a chance against these methods. It is, of course, important to heat the meat to at least 70 degrees Celsius. In this way, microorganisms are killed and the meat is safe even for your favorite dog. 


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