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How many years does a dog live?

  How many years does a dog live? You may want your dog to live forever, knowing how long dogs live will help you take better care of them through each stage of their lives, making sure you give them the best possible care so that you can spend as much time with them as possible. How many years does a dog live? There are many factors that determine the longevity of dogs, including the size, breed, and general health of the animal. These factors can help answer the questions on most dog lovers' minds: How long do dogs live? How can I help my dog ​​live longer? Do small dog breeds live longer than large dog breeds?  Scientists have long been puzzled by the tendency of small dog breeds to live longer than large dog breeds . In the rest of the animal kingdom, size appears to be positively correlated with longevity. Elephants and whales are among the largest and longest-lived mammals, with some species of whales living for more than 100 years. However the same cannot be said of dogs. Sm

Treating skin ulcers in dogs

 Treatment of skin ulcers in dogs that form from a wound that does not heal. These types of injuries often ooze pus and are more expensive to heal than a superficial wound. How do skin ulcers form in the dog? Very often, sores are due to the fact that the dog has been resting for a long time on a certain area of ​​its body, on a hard surface. It is convenient to prevent them, and when they develop, learn to treat them. What are canine skin ulcers? An ulcer is  a wound  that does not heal. Dog sores can be due to various causes. The most common, according to a veterinarian, “occurs when the dog is lying down on a hard surface and always on the same part of his body, as when sleeping.” Rubbing and pressure on a part of the dog's body helps the sores to appear. For this reason, it is recommended that  the dog sleep on a soft surface, such as a mat, rather than cement or sand. Sores are not the same as a wound. A wound is formed after a puncture or tear in a part of the body and usuall

Training the dog on basic commands

Training the dog on basic commands is essential for its development in our society and helps in strengthening the bonds between you and it. Indeed, teaching it from a young age to respect it will prevent you from experiencing many problems in public places, will ensure the safety of your little companion, and will make you spend better moments in his presence. Training the dog on basic commands Having a dog as a pet brings so much joy in everyday life, as long as you can socialize with him! The dog is a very lovable and intelligent animal, and it is possible to teach it many commands and tricks. But before you make him a hero (if that's what you want), there are some basic commandments that he must assimilate in order to make coexistence more harmonious. This is because no one wants to be controlled by an out-of-control dog. Your pet must know who is in charge and obey the commands he receives. The method to be followed during training your dog Training a dog to basic commands take

The Barf diet for dogs has its advantages and disadvantages in detail

The Barf diet for dogs is the name of a diet devised by Dr. Ian Billing Hurst, an Australian veterinarian. BARF stands for Bones and Raw Food (or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), which translates into French as “food made with bones and raw food,” or more generally “raw meat food.” Whether for dogs, cats or even rodents, he advocates a diet based on raw meat and meaty bones and nutritional supplements added casually and lightly: oils, yogurt, yeast, vegetables, fruits, eggs… Barf diet for dogs BARF stands for “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”, translated into French as “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”. Barf is a new natural food alternative suitable for dogs, cats and ferrets. From raw and fresh meat, the BARF system allows you to feed your pet as in the wild. Therefore, it is a carnivorous diet, without grains, only raw meat, meaty bones, offal and vegetables, with full respect for the digestive system of animals. the date After the advent of artificial foods, Australian veter

Is raw meat harmful to dogs?

 Is raw meat harmful to dogs? A very frequently asked question about feeding dogs and you certainly want to offer your faithful friend a healthy and balanced diet, and also to enjoy those delicious flavors that he loves so much. Is raw meat harmful to dogs? What happens if you feed meat to a dog? The truth is, there is no clear answer as to whether or not raw meat is good for dogs. Long ago, croquettes weren't manufactured , so dogs had to hunt or fed mostly raw meat or leftovers from people. Some argue that raw meat is the best way to serve this food to your dog, while others say the opposite and that it is best served cooked. This happens because the two options have a series of advantages and disadvantages, as follows. Raw meat:  As an advantage, it contains many nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins , and probiotics that dogs need, as it is part of its natural diet, and it is an essential food in it. On the other hand, this food can contain parasites and transmit diseases to yo

How i do to control my dog?

  How do I control my dog? Controlling a dog's impulses, or self-control, is useful in many situations: from calmly waiting for a leash to go for a walk  ,  to patiently waiting to sit or lie down for food  , to being able to play with less excitement with a ball. By applying some principles to specific situations, your dog will learn patterns and habits that he can generalize and help him stay calm in a variety of situations. Why do I control my dog? As a pet owner, it is important to be in control of your dog for several reasons, including: Safety Controlling your dog helps ensure the safety of your dog and other people or animals around him. Dogs can be unpredictable at times, and proper control can prevent them from getting into dangerous situations or causing harm to others. training Controlling your dog is essential to training and obedience. By controlling your dog's behavior, you can teach him commands , rules, and boundaries that help him understand how to behave appr

Fever in dogs

Fever in dogs As with humans, pets can also develop high temperatures or fevers as a result of more serious illnesses. Before detecting fever in dogs, you should have some important information regarding the biology of your gift. Your pet's normal temperature is higher than your pet's. As long as the values ​​are between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius, your dog will be fine, but when the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius, there are indeed reasons for concern. Another degree, it is considered a veterinary emergency. It is important to know how to recognize the symptoms of fever in dogs, as well as its treatment and possible causes, to be able to act on time at home or seek the opinion of a veterinary specialist as soon as possible. Symptoms of fever in dogs  Unless you have a gift thermometer at home, knowing your dog's exact body temperature can become a real puzzle. As it happens to humans, when the body temperature rises, your pet will also show some symptoms, especia

Turkish dog known as Kangal

  The Turkish Terrier is  an imposing, strong and agile guard dog. It is also known by names like Kangal in Türkiye and internationally. Their loyal, protective, and affectionate nature is one of the most prominent traits of this breed. It has light yellow, grey, brown, white spotted fur. He is an imposing flock keeper with a generous, serious and confident nature. They are descended from the oldest known domesticated dog breed. Information about the Turkish dog nation: (Türkiye) period:       (of life 12-15 years old) height: (Females: between 71-77 cm) Males:       (between 77-87 cm) the weight: (Males 50-60 kg) Females:   (41-59 kg) hair length (Short and medium) the color: (Light yellow, gray or solid color. Their faces are black) group: (For children, guarding, grazing) date The Turkish Terrier is a breed of dog that has protected its flock from evil people and wild animals for centuries. Its existence has been known since the Babylonian era. These dogs were used as wa

Chamomile for dogs is a popular medicinal plant

  Chamomile for dogs As one of the most popular medicinal plants among people, it is very common to ask can i give my dog ​​chamomile? And don't be sure if it's safe or dangerous for our pets to use. Because it is very common to use some home remedies for some simple things in pet care or as enhancement treatments. Is chamomile good for dogs? Chamomile is a plant known for its soothing and antiseptic properties, however it is not the only one, as it also contains important anti-inflammatory, digestive, analgesic, carminative and even healing properties. All of the benefits of chamomile are equally applicable to dogs. To benefit from it, it can be taken as an infusion or applied topically to the skin. Regarding the dosage and concentration, it is recommended to consult with our veterinarian to help us determine the best way to give chamomile to our dog depending on the goal we have. Likewise, chamomile can be offered to small dogs, always in reduced quantities due to their small

Training the dog to stand in a natural position

Training the dog on the stand command After making sure that he has fully integrated the basic commands of “sit”​, you can switch to the command “stand” which again calls for a natural posture. By repeating the exercise several times and betting on rewards, you will eventually teach him to get on all fours on command. Training the dog to stand The standing position is very natural for the dog. So it is very easy for him to adopt. However getting it to stand up to your request is an entirely different story. Teaching your four-legged friend the "stand" command isn't particularly complicated, but teaching it takes a lot of repetition and a bit of patience on your part. Of course, as with every form of learning, positive reinforcement and rewards are your best assets. More effective and respectful to the dog than crying and punishments, it encourages a canine companion to obey by striving to please you. It also helps above all to strengthen your bonds and work to understand